Tutore Burlato #16

  Usurper with Alex Drool, Maya Dunietz, Eran Sachs and Ilan Volkov (c40)

Six improv gonks from Edinburgh and Tel Aviv making vocal blab and playing junk, strings and electronics. "If memory serves correctly: There was a cloud in the room at Dunietz Towers of the Acme animated variety. At it's core though there was not a ball of violence, but a six-notched ashtray filled with the smoked-out butts of the central belt and the middle east. Unnamed onlookers would remark that in addition to the traditional fists and elbows they would observe the following protruding from the fog: three dozen bottle tops, a stick attached to a cat's arse with marshmallow, the green glow emanating from a future past's robotic butler's face and The KLF's Bill Drummond exiting slyly by the back door. Later we licked our wounds and swallowed a whole fridge before sleeping spoons in the honeymoon suite. Occupational hazards, eh. IF memory serves correctly..." Ali Robertson  






Tutore Burlato #15

  Triple Heater - Aurochs (c30)

"Triple Heater came alive when two Chocolate Monkeys (F.Ampism and Ezio Piermattei) met in the jungle concrète. Crust unprepared fingers playing prepared violin, tapes, percussion, field recordings, sound collage, found sound/lost sound. Audio was sent from Bologna to Brighton and from Brighton to Bologna with no plan, no ideas... just a mutual trust and antennae set to the same antipasti wavelength."

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Tutore Burlato #14

  Tom White - Commemoratives (c40)

"Side A originally appeared on a limited split cassette with Rotterdam's finest tape weirdo Red Brut for our short tour of October 2015. Side B consists of previously unreleased tape pieces, mainly preparations for performances during 2014 in Manchester (Dancehall 11 Launch) and Rome (Poesia Carnosa Festival)."

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Tutore Burlato #13

  TR/ - Amici di Filippo (c36)

"The polish-sicilian duo of Patrycia Stefanek (voice, loops) and Pietro La Rocca (guitar, objects, tapes, effects) met in September 2015. After "Manifesto Rumoratorio"- the debut album released in August by Siltbreeze - the duo moves further away from their personal idea of improvisational ​​"song" to focus on abstract sounds and rarefied lullabies, which unexpectedly crystalize to warm hearth and home."

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Tutore Burlato #12

  The Custodians - Moribund Mules and Muskett Fire (c60)

"Adam Bohman (objects and homemade instruments), Adrian Northover (saxophones), Sue Lynch (tenor sax, clarinet, flute). Based in London, both Adam and Adrian have been playing together as The Custodians since 2010. Both perform with The London Improvisers Orchestra and many other ensembles, nationally and internationally. In 2014 Sue Lynch became a regular member of The Custodians. As a trio they have performed concerts in London, Berlin and in 2016 at the RARA festival in Sicily" 

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Tutore Burlato #11

  I PLACCA - la la vitea (c23)

The acrobatic duo of Iritur'aràrcamu (Oper'azione Nafta) and Ben Presto (Larsen Lombriki, Rotor Audio Club) has no limits: everything can be played or not played. Children tapes, conventional/unconventional instruments, cut-ups, objects, field recordings, radios, megaphones. And they both have great taste in wine.

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Tutore Burlato #10

 Acrid Lactations & Jointhee - Chest (c45)

'Our good friend Joincey came to visit us in Glasgow, and brought a set of lyrics. We drank some tea and decided who would sing each song. We then set to recording. Arrangements included keyboard, sampler, guitars, dictaphones, percussion. Most songs were recorded in one take. (Repeated recordings were mostly attributable to inaudible singing or the singer blowing on the microphone.)' - Susan Fitzpatrick and Stuart Arnot

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Tutore Burlato #09

 Flocculi - Gara delle facce (c20)

In this tape you can hear, among other things, Devid Ciampalini practicing with his new vocoder (which he got in exchange for the fake ethno gear of Metzengerstein), David Lucchesi scraping and plucking some strings while making faces, Ezio Piermattei's attempt to sing like Meat Loaf. Edition of 60 

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Tutore Burlato #08

 Final Seed/Dylan Nyoukis split cassette (c40)

"Final Seed is the solo project of Jameson Sweiger of the group Maths Balance Volumes. This split is his 6th cassette tape release since 2010 and was recorded in Mankato, Minnesota, USA. Using tape, ukulele, voice & synthesizer, Final Seed explores the dark realms of consciousness once thoughts are rendered meaningless."

"Encephalon Cracks" volumes 1-3 were a set of very limited cassettes that each came with a screen printed poster.This piece is a remix of all 6 sides of those volumes, taking bits and pieces and mixing them together, cuting them up, processing them. Organ, voice, tapes, electronics, violin, a school band all make an appearance."

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