Tutore Burlato #08

 Final Seed/Dylan Nyoukis split cassette (c40)

"Final Seed is the solo project of Jameson Sweiger of the group Maths Balance Volumes. This split is his 6th cassette tape release since 2010 and was recorded in Mankato, Minnesota, USA. Using tape, ukulele, voice & synthesizer, Final Seed explores the dark realms of consciousness once thoughts are rendered meaningless."

"Encephalon Cracks" volumes 1-3 were a set of very limited cassettes that each came with a screen printed poster.This piece is a remix of all 6 sides of those volumes, taking bits and pieces and mixing them together, cuting them up, processing them. Organ, voice, tapes, electronics, violin, a school band all make an appearance."

5€ + Shipping

to order email: tutoreburlato@outlook.it



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